Xioami stock: Undoubtedly a banger!

Until the middle of the week, it seemed as if the Xiaomi share was about to head back towards the 3-euro mark. However, the price of 2.96 euros on Wednesday was the end. Since then, the papers of the Chinese technology group have lost again, on Thursday, the Xiaomi share in Frankfurt at times only 2.88 euros, before it caught again something. For the equivalent of just 14 Xiaomi shares, you can thus get the manufacturer’s latest fitness tracker – and that is undoubtedly a real (price) banger.

Xiaomi vs. Apple: Just under 40 vs. 399 euros

Because the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is currently offered for less than 40 euros in online retail. By comparison, the Apple Watch Series 6 currently costs 399 euros. However, according to a test, the considerably cheaper competition from China is not doing a bad job.

The bottom line is that the Xiaomi Smart Band 6 is not only inexpensive, but also suitable for everyday use, according to the testers from inside-digital.de. According to the reviewers, the fitness wristband not only logs workouts in 30 available sports profiles, but also measures the pulse every minute and analyzes sleep. The AMOLED display of the Xiaomi device is also “literally a bright joy”.

Xiaomi Smart Band 6 without GPS

The only – and for some users probably decisive – sticking point: What the Xiaomi Smart Band 6 lacks is its own GPS module. Users who go jogging with the fitness band, for example, would have to carry a paired smartphone with them in any case. A brightness sensor or NFC are also not installed in Xiaomi’s fitness tracker. Whether this is an argument for spending ten times as much for Apple’s premium gadget is something we will have to decide for ourselves. Fun fact: Apple’s stock currently costs about 125 Euros, which is more than 40 times as much as Xiaomi’s.