Xiaomi stock: Who can keep up?

Xiaomi is apparently preparing the next attack on the European smartphone market. At least “notebookcheck.com” has learned from Twitter leakers that the price for the Redmi 10 has already been leaked. It is supposed to be a slim 179 Euros.

For a device with a 90 Hz screen, a 50 MP camera, and a generous screen with FHD+ resolution, that is a real challenge for the competition. However, the Chinese manufacturer has not had to fear the latter in this price range for quite some time now, at least not in Europe.

There is hardly any resistance

Most of the big manufacturers have long since left the market for smartphones below 200 Euros. The one or other model from Samsung can still be found, but it is rather neglected. Otherwise, Xiaomi has a firm grip on the entry-level class. There are no concrete figures, but the lack of serious competition alone should ensure comfortable market shares.

Of course, it is interesting for investors whether the sale of such low-priced smartphones is worthwhile at all, especially in view of the rather lavish features. This can hardly be answered with absolute certainty. However, it is hard to assume that Xiaomi is not running a loss-making business here. The manufacturer has not needed to do that for a long time anyway.

The Xiaomi share remains under pressure

Ultimately, it is irrelevant for the Xiaomi share at the moment whether the Redmi 10 will develop into a box office hit in Europe. The stock is still very concerned about the Chinese government’s ever new steps to regulate its own tech companies.

So far, Xiaomi has even gotten off quite lightly in this regard. However, the fear that this could still change is tangible on the markets and is probably the main reason why the stock has fallen by almost seven percent in the last four weeks without any bad news.