Xiaomi Stock: What a pace!

The Xiaomi share is no longer really getting going. For days, the shares of the Chinese technology group have been hovering around the 2.70 euro mark; a week ago, they were still worth 2.95 euros. On Thursday in early trading, the Xiaomi share slipped back to 2.68 euros. Within a week, it has thus lost around ten percent in value. The smartphone manufacturer is apparently only making speed in the technical area, but that’s where it’s really happening.

Xiaomi’s new flagship with Snapdragon 898?

Only a few days ago, information about the next mid-range phone, the Xiaomi Redmi 10, leaked out, but there is already news in the upper class. The Xiaomi Mi 12 is supposed to be “a real performance monster”, according to the specialist portal Giga. The fastest processor in Android smartphones is currently Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Plus, but the Mi 12, which is expected in December, is supposed to feature the Snapdragon 898. Accordingly, this will not only work 20 percent faster than the 888 Plus, but will also be more efficient at the same time, it is said.

It almost goes without saying that the smartphone will also be state-of-the-art. However, the promised charging time will be outstanding: Up to 120 watts of charging power are under discussion. According to PC World, it would take only 15 minutes for the battery to be completely charged from 0 to 100 percent during wireless charging.

Xioami share runs out of steam again

However, all these technical advances cannot entice investors at Xiaomi at the moment. After a slump in July and a recovery phase at the beginning of this month to more than 3 euros, the shares are now running out of steam again. As a reminder: In January, the Xiaomi share briefly traded at 3.85 euros, higher than ever before. Since then, it has lost almost a third of its value.