Xiaomi stock: This should put fear into the competition!

When Xiaomi presents new products, the Chinese tech manufacturer rarely holds back on superlatives. This is not only true for the highly acclaimed smartphones of the Mi series, but for pretty much all devices that the company unleashes onto the market.

Recently, the “Mi TV 6 Extreme Edition”, a new TV, was presented, which already shows great ambitions in its name. The technical key data is quite impressive. A 4K panel with 120 Hz is used, which naturally supports the latest technologies like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.

Not everyone has that

The camera installed in the new Xiaomi TV caused quite a stir in the tech world. It is used for smart functions and is supposed to enable users to make video calls directly via the TV in the living room, for example. The Chinese manufacturer did not hold back in any way so that the other party gets a pleasant picture.

The retractable camera has a full 48 megapixels, which clearly sets it apart from the competition. They often do not have a camera at all, let alone one with such a high resolution. However, it remains to be seen whether this feature can stimulate the customers’ desire to buy.

The Xiaomi share needs good news

Investors would hope so, because the Xiaomi share has been struggling on the markets for quite some time. It is true that the stock has been able to recover quite significantly since the lows in March. However, shareholders saw a sideways trend for long stretches in June.

The bulls seem to have a lot of respect for the 3 euro mark, which was only exceeded briefly at best in the last four weeks. On Tuesday, the Xiaomi share left trading at 2.98 euros after a barely mentionable mini-gain of 0.07 percent. The stock could use some good news right now, but it will probably take more than a new TV to lift the bulls’ spirits again.