Wirecard: Anything but boring!

Even without news, the price performance of the Wirecard share is currently anything but boring. This was evident at the beginning of the new trading week, when the share initially started in the green zone on Monday – only to then leave Xetra trading with a minus of just under 2% to 109.55 euros. Of course, the most recent statement from last Friday on the “FT reporting” of the same day is available. Wirecard speaks in plain language – that is “part of a series of false and misleading information”. Legal steps have already been taken, namely a quote: “Proceedings because of the repeated misrepresentation of confidential information and/or trade secrets as well as the misquoting of documents”.

Wirecard: Will there be a judicial clarification?

This is perhaps also in the shareholders’ interest if it were judicially clarified whether the accusations against Wirecard are really unjustified or not. Because, of course, Wirecard’s “statements” initially sound reassuring from the point of view of shareholders. But why does the FT keep on adding – if there is perhaps something to it, some may ask themselves. And there is uncertainty when Wirecard states, for example, “Wirecard cannot make any statements about individual customer, supplier or partner relationships without the consent of the parties concerned.”

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A post by Peter Niedermeyer.