Vodafone: Change to the positive?

Dear readers,

last week Johannes Weber reported how Vodafone is doing at the moment. Here his conclusion:

The booth! The Vodafone price is within the negative cloud and until the beginning of March the share was in a downward trend before it went up again. The alarm line and the signal line are below the price, supporting it and providing a buy signal. In the 4-hour chart the cloud is already positive and the price is above cloud and alarm and signal line. Moreover, the delayed chip is above the course and far above the cloud. On the hourly chart, the future cloud is positive and there was a strong buy signal. The course is above the alarm and signal lines and it goes up.
The view! It must now be seen how the situation at Vodafone will develop further.

What’s new at Vodafone? We’ll stay on it for you.

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A review by Jennifer Diabaté.