Tesla stock: A big miss!

Just a few days ago, Tesla delivered the first vehicles of its new S Plaid. This was announced as a particularly powerful e-car, which has more than 1,000 hp. Last weekend, according to a report by “heise.de”, the first buyer in Philadelphia was happy to receive such a vehicle.

What happened next, however, can only be described as a single disaster. While driving, the Tesla apparently simply burst into flames. What’s more, the electronics failed, so that the locked-in driver could only just open the doors using all his physical strength.

Back to the drawing board?

It took the fire department more than three hours to extinguish the fire. Nothing more than a lump of toxic hazardous waste is left of the vehicle, for which more than 100,000 euros was paid. The lawyers of the affected driver are now asking Tesla to set aside all S Plaid, of which 250 are said to have been produced last month, for the time being.

Indeed, it is striking that such an event takes place only a few days after the handover. However, it is also not yet clear what actually caused the fire. Here, it is important to wait for the ongoing investigations. Investors are keeping an eye on the issue in any case.

The Tesla share stagnates

The Tesla share was able to recover somewhat in June after harsh corrections in the spring. After all, the bulls were able to add 15 percent and thus very successfully defend the psychologically not unimportant 500-euro line. In the last few days, however, not too much has happened.

At 580 euros, the buyers seem to meet resistance for the time being. The Tesla share moved sideways just below this mark in the current week, and on Friday morning there were again no new impulses to be felt. It is to be hoped that the reports about the burnt-out S Plaid will not cause uncertainty among shareholders again now.