Tesla: Price reduction in China? Are the proceeds falling?

Tesla share: Pressure continues to rise

Tesla started trading on Tuesday with only a small premium. At least relatively good news, after a long period of strict downward movement. However, rumours have already spread that the price of Model 3 in China will fall significantly. This could be interpreted as a sign of a new sales problem. The chance of a price recovery is initially small.

China: Here it gets exciting

In the opinion of observers, the car manufacturer still has an immense technical advantage over its competitors. This could also help the stock, so the expectation. The competitors, however, are said to be getting “better”. This applies to Jaguar with the “i-Pace” as well as to Porsche with the “Taycan” and VW with the “ID.3”. Audi has also apparently created a powerful competitor with the -tron, they say. In China, according to the general mood, competition has also grown up.

However, the vehicles are not yet expected to earn money and perform on the roads, but are in part in the “announcement stage”, i.e. only projects such as “Byton” or “Polestar” from China.

The crux of the matter is the range of the vehicles concerned. BMW, Audi or Jaguar should clearly lose out with their models on this important factor. The Tesla drive is also superior.