RWE: Outstanding values!

And RWE’s share price is rising all the time. The share price hovers constantly above the past three years and can skilfully maintain its upward trend. After crossing the Bollinger Band, the stock was pushed back a little, but it can keep the price current. An upcoming buy-signal could be given by a meeting of the SMA-lines soon and an appreciation in value would be possible. The support is quoted at € 16.50 and pushed the share price up. The nearest resistance is far behind and is quoted at 25.50 € (2015). The CCI (20) runs constantly beyond the extreme values.

Stable despite low losses! (4-hour chart)

Although the stocks have declined slightly, the stock is currently able to maintain its trend and has already been able to recover its losses again. The CCI (20) slipped into neutral territory, but is on its way to a renewed rise.

The conspicuities in the hourly chart!

Despite the downward correction, the price improved significantly and crossed the border of the Bollinger Band. The value increases again and the share price rises repeatedly. The CCI (20) runs in the overbought range and contributes visibly to the price increase.

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A post by Maximilian Weber.