PowerTap Hydrogen Capital stock: Anything is possible!

This week promises to be another exciting one for the shares of PowerTap Hydrogen Capital: Will the shares of the Canadian investment company succeed in continuing the recent upward march on the stock market? The significant correction in Friday’s PowerTap share is a superficial argument against this. But there is also another view of things.

Will the buyers stay with PowerTap?

If one regards only the two closing quotations of PowerTap Hydrogen Capital (formerly Clean Power Capital) of Thursday and Friday in Frankfurt, 1,020 euro against 0,935 euro, one must state a veritablen course loss of approximately eight per cent. This could, especially after the enormous price gains from the previous days, point to a further decline of the papers in the new stock market week. But that is only half the story with this speculative stock.

Because against 18 o’clock on Friday the PowerTap share stood at the trading place Frankfurt with only 0.840 euro, far under the later closing price thus. Thus, in the last one and a half trading hours, the optimists among investors had again taken command. The big question will be: Will buyers stick with PowerTap in the new week – or will this prove to be a short flash in the pan? Anything is possible.

Share has doubled in value

One thing is certain: On June 24, PowerTap shares briefly traded at just 0.44 euros. Thus the share, conditions now, in only one and a half weeks in the value still more than doubled. A look at the recent past shows that this does not necessarily mean much for PowerTap, which now wants to concentrate purely on hydrogen refueling technology. In mid-January, the share, then still under the name Clean Power Capital, was briefly worth 3.00 euros to investors. In August 2020, 0.029 euros was on the price list.