Pfizer: That’s what we call really good news!

Sentiment and Buzz: In addition to analyses from banks, the long-term mood among investors and users on the Internet is also the yardstick for the mood around equities. The number of contributions over a longer period and the change in mood provide a good long-term picture of the mood. We have examined the Pfizer share for these two factors. The number of contributions or discussion intensity showed a medium activity, which in our opinion can be used to generate a “hold” rating. The rate of mood change for Pfizer experienced a negative change during this period. This corresponds to a sell rating. In this respect, we give the Pfizer share a “sell” rating in terms of long-term sentiment.

Relative Strength Index: A prominent signal of technical analysis, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), relates the upward and downward movements of prices over a period of – exemplary – 7 days. If the value is between 0 and 30, a value is considered “oversold”, if it is between 70 and 100, a value is considered “oversold”, and if it is between 70 and 100, a value is considered “neutral”. Pfizer’s RSI at 17.27 leads to a Buy rating. At 61.05, the RSI25, based on a period of 25 days, is an indicator for a “hold” estimate at this level. This puts the overall assessment at “buy”.

Fundamental: The P/E ratio (price-earnings ratio) is currently 13.84 and at 73 percent is below the industry average (industry: pharmaceuticals) of 51.81. From today’s perspective, the share is therefore undervalued. Pfizer therefore receives a “buy” rating at this level.

Technical analysis: Based on the moving average price, Pfizer is currently a “Hold”. Because the GD200 of the value runs in the amount of 42.64 USD, whereby the price of the share (40.61 USD) runs around -4.76 percent above this trend signal. This corresponds to the classification as “Hold”. Based on the last 50 days, the moving average price (GD50) is USD 41.62. This, in turn, corresponds to a deviation of -2.43 percent in the share price itself. This means that the share is a “hold” value during this period. Overall, this corresponds to the “Hold” rating.

investors: The investor sentiment at Pfizer in the discussion forums and opinion columns of the social media is particularly positive overall. This is reflected in the statements and opinions of the past two weeks, which we have evaluated for you in order to gain a further valuation factor for the share. This showed that in the past few days positive topics in particular were the focus of the discussions, so that the title as a whole received the rating “Buy”. Finally, this form of analysis has been enriched by concretely calculable trade signals from the social media. One sell signal was detected. From this picture, in turn, a “sell” recommendation can be derived at this level. In our estimation, this results in an overall “buy” in terms of investor sentiment.

dividend: With a dividend yield of 3.6 percent, Pfizer currently has a higher value than the industry average (1.49%). The difference to comparable values from the “pharmaceuticals” sector is +2.11. Due to this constellation, the Pfizer share receives a “buy” rating in this category.

Sector comparison Share price: The share achieved a return of 11.8 percent last year. Compared to shares from the same sector (“health care”), Pfizer is thus 6.68 percent below the average (18.48 percent). The average annual return on securities from the same “pharmaceuticals” sector is 19.36 percent. Pfizer is currently 7.55 percent below this figure. Due to the underperformance, we rate the share as a “sell” at this level.

Analyst assessment: Of a total of 17 analyst ratings for the Pfizer share over the past twelve months, 5 are “Buy”, 11 “Hold” and 1 “Sell”. On average, this means a “hold” rating for the security. In more recent reports, the analysts come to the same assessment on average – the bottom line is that the rating for the Pfizer security from last month is “Hold” (0 Buy, 1 Hold, 0 Sell). An average of USD 45.07 is calculated from the price targets submitted. This means that the share could rise by 10.97 percent from the last closing price (USD 40.61). The resulting recommendation is “buy”. In summary, Pfizer receives a “Hold” rating from the analysts.