NIO stock: This hurdle has been cleared!

The NIO share seems to be back on track: Last Thursday, the shares of the Chinese Tesla challenger fell back to 36.26 euros, but before the weekend, the NIO share price had already returned to 38.54 euros. The shares started the new stock market week with a further increase of temporarily more than two percent to up to 39.56 euros. Investors may also be rewarding the fact that the electric car manufacturer has now cleared an important hurdle.

NIO gets approval for battery exchange stations

That’s because, as industry portal reported before the weekend, NIO has now received TÜV certifications to sell and operate its battery swap stations and chargers in all EU member states. TÜV Rheinland had issued the European Conformity Certificate and TÜV MARK Approval Certificate to both the “Power Swap Station”, the DC charger “Power Charger” and the AC wallbox “Power Home”. “The first shipments to NIO’s first European market Norway are already underway,” the report states.

Unlike Tesla, for example, NIO is additionally focusing on battery swapping in addition to fast charging – in Europe in the future. According to NIO, there were already more than 190 such power swap stations in China by mid-June. By the end of 2021, four power swap stations will also be built in and around the Oslo region. Some are also to be built in the Norwegian cities of Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansand and Trondheim.

NIO wants to build thousands of stations

But this is probably just the beginning: by 2025, the number of battery swap stations is set to rise sharply, according to By then, NIO wants to operate “more than 4,000 of the stations worldwide, including around 1,000 outside China.” In this way, the manufacturer is trying to take away a weighty argument from the skeptics of electromobility: Concerns about long charging times.