NIO Stock: The Starting Gun!

The upward trend in the NIO share continued on Wednesday. By the close of trading in Frankfurt, the shares of the Chinese electric car manufacturer had gained almost three per cent and closed at 20.40 euros. Since its setback to as low as 17.50 euros before the weekend, the NIO share has thus improved by a good 16 per cent. The up-and-coming Tesla challenger also had good news from its operating business.

NIO delivers first ET7 electric sedans

According to media reports, the first deliveries of the NIO ET7 electric sedan have actually started in China: A few days after the start of series production, the company handed over the first vehicles to customers at the company headquarters in Hefei as planned, reports. However, only the “ET7 Premier Edition” with a 100 kWh battery (instead of 70 kWh) and some special features is available. This is priced at 526,000 yuan, which corresponds to 74,400 euros at today’s exchange rate.

NIO had unveiled its flagship ET7 sedan in January 2021 and was already accepting pre-orders at prices starting at 448,000 yuan before promotion, according to the report. “According to the exchange rate at the time, that was the equivalent of around €56,600, but it has since risen to €63,350,” said.

Solid-state battery in the NIO is a long time coming
About a year ago, NIO presented its first electric sedan ET7 – and advertised a prospective range of 1,000 kilometres. This is to be achieved by solid-state batteries, which will reportedly come from the Chinese manufacturer WeLion. It is currently unclear when this battery pack with 150 kWh will actually be available for the NIO model. According to the industry service from the end of February, the revolutionary batteries are not yet ready for series production.