Netlist stock: The madness never ends!

The Netlist share started Wednesday’s trading in Stuttgart with a small premium of a good two percent to just over 8 euros. But that was it for the unspectacular news about the storage technology specialist from California. Because everything else about the Netlist share would be more aptly described by the term “madness”. In the past month alone, the shares have increased in value by 350 percent, and by more than 1000 percent in the past six months. And there seems to be no end to the madness.

Netlist share reaches new all-time high

At the close of trading on Friday, the Netlist share was valued at 6.43 euros on the Stuttgart stock exchange; on Monday evening, it was 6.84 euros, and on Tuesday it was already 7.88 euros. In between, however, there was an all-time high of 8.60 euros, which probably caused some Netlist investors to take their first profits. A collapse, which many observers have long predicted for the title, has not yet occurred.

Should investors sell immediately? Or is it worthwhile to buy Netlist after all?

There is a simple reason why the share has taken off in such a way: Netlist relies on so-called hybrid storage systems, which, according to media reports, can be operated in a particularly environmentally friendly way. However, large corporations are said to have infringed the patent of the storage technology of the Californians, including SK Hynix – and none other than Google. The legal dispute is ongoing, but the outcome is uncertain. However, if the courts follow Netlist’s argumentation, some apparently hope for massive compensation payments.

Netlist now worth 1.75 billion dollars

In various stock exchange forums, investors are exchanging ideas, fantasizing about possible damages in the billions, and the assessments are correspondingly euphoric. This has also had an impact on Netlist’s stock market value: The company now has a market capitalization of just under 1.75 billion US dollars.