Netflix Share Weekend Trend: New Tops in Sight

Streaming services, as currently offered by Netflix, appear to be an attractive business area. Anyway, Netflix will soon have a new competitor: Apple. Netflix’s prices did not move down, however, and the market apparently continues to see the company as having good chances.

Poice is intact

The prices have slipped by 5% within a week, but analysts still speak of a strong bullish mode. In terms of the share price development since the beginning of the year, an increase of a good 40 % can be reported. After a weaker second half of 2018, the paper has thus moved significantly upwards again.

The banks apparently share the same opinion. 95 % of the relevant bank analysts regard Netflix’s “buy” rating as correct. Only 5% want to “sell” the title. The bottom line is that the picture of technical analysts is also confirmed. They are of the opinion that DG200 has been overcome. The stock therefore has the best prospects and the upward trend is intact.

The first price target is EUR 332.84 – from a short-term technical point of view. 366 euros as the all-time high of 21 June 2018 will remain on the price list of investors in the medium term as a price target. The trend is right – despite Apple.

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A post by Frank Holbaum.