Microsoft: Chart technical view of the share!

The stock price is currently moving up again, the last downward movement was able to create a longer counter-movement. The super trend is still above the price, the distance between them is getting smaller every hour. The Money Flow Index is tilting with its peak back to the north, so it is getting closer and closer to the overbought state. The Relative Strength Index is also very centrally oriented, it is currently valued at approx. 50 points.

It is so far in the 4-hour chart!

The stock price could rise above the super trend here, this picture could be longer in front of you. The Money Flow Index is just about 50 points, it looks like it will go down again for the price. For a long time, the Relative Strength Index was no longer in one of the extreme ranges, and is currently about the same distance away from both.

In the hourly chart, it only lasted a short time!

The share price could not continue to rise here and thus flew below the Super Trend, the Money Flow Index then also flew down again. In contrast, the Relative Strength Index could not be influenced.

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A post by Anna Hofmann.