Intuitive Surgical-Stock: Significant First-Mover Advantages!

ISRG is on a tear for the past year and there could be even better days. Rising from the $570s to $950, investors that got in at the beginning are more than happy that’s for sure. Of course, there are those that question whether this can continue with ISRG rising some 15% in the past month alone.

In fact, there are more than a few skeptics out there. 52-week highs will do that to people. Looking ahead, however, there are many reasons to be thrilled with ISRG, and today’s values could be a bargain if dreams are realized and promises are kept. It’s almost enough to have some people wondering whether ISRG will be the Apple and Google of its field with a trillion-dollar valuation within the next decade.

Robots and the Future of Surgery


The company’s da Vinci Surgical System is emerging as a platform for further expansion into this area. Not only is the system proven, but it is delivering superior service in some areas. As the demand for medical services rises, combined with a strained labor force, it only makes sense that Intuitive Surgical will be one of the first to capitalize on this alleviation of a growing pain point. The only real question is how fast the market will adopt this revolution.

Skeptics Point Towards Mixed Results

Recent research about robot-assisted abdominal surgery may point to a longer wait for the promised future than many on Wall Street would like. Yet we can’t discount short-term momentum, either. Looking on the immediate horizon, Intuitive Surgical could provide substantial gains.

Research into the robot-assisted surgery industry largely bears this out. A recent report shows that Intuitive Surgical is well-poised to benefit from growth in this sector and, in many ways, has a significant first-mover advantage in some aspects.