Intel-Stock: The Beginning of a New Age!

For INTC investors, it doesn’t seem like much has changed in the 365-day window. Hovering in the $50s, that’s pretty much where the price has lingered. The tale isn’t much different when we shrink down the timeframe with much the same performance. This is all the more striking when you look at the general enthusiasm others in Intel’s niche are experiencing.

With a recent product delay and facing multiple competitors for the same investor money, Intel might be a tougher buy than most can stomach. But some aggressive investments in emerging markets should give long-term investors something to be happy about.

INTC and Uber – The Future of Autonomous Driving?

A massive opportunity on the horizon for Intel is in the emerging autonomous driving market. Not only does this include passenger vehicles, but also logistics transportation. In other words, there is a huge first-mover advantage in a nascent field that could be worth trillions.

Investments in Software and High-Performance Computing

Intel recently signaled its commitment to artificial intelligence and other high-performance computing initiatives with the creation of two new divisions devoted to these aims. Additionally, Intel brass is optimistic about the future of the chip industry with CEO Pat Gelsinger predicting ten years of growth ahead.

In this vein, Intel is investing some $20 billion in the European Union for chip manufacturing and production. It is expected that this will help double EU-based semiconductor production for the company which is looking for a 1000-acre site that will host 8 factories. The company is looking for bids from EU member states to help with locating such a site as well as offering tax breaks and other financial incentives to make the deal happen. This would largely fall in line with stated EU goals to account for 20 percent of the world market.