Infineon: The end has not yet been reached….

Infineon also slipped further down on Thursday. The paper had to record a discount of more than 2.4% and is moving directly towards historical lows. The background in the past few days has been a “capped profit forecast”, as it is called somewhat succinctly. The company is dependent on the economic conditions in the automotive industry and has lost a lot of potential here. The situation there is rather calm, so that sales and profits for 2019 are likely to slide significantly downwards.

Chart technicians only see a bottom approaching the value at 16 euros. In this respect, analysts believe that the stock still has a lot of room for manoeuvre if it continues to fall. The possible loss, if the bottom was found there, amounts to almost 10 %.

Stimmung bei Bankanalysten gut

The mood among bank analysts is surprisingly good. As a rule, they should refer to the fundamental assessments. Nevertheless, most bank analysts are of the opinion that the stock is a buy. There are isolated voices that recommend a “sale”, but they are in the minority.

Technical analysts are of the opinion that the hope for rising prices is relatively low. The GD200 was clearly undercrossed, more than 10 % are missing. All in all, the stock is in clear selling mode.

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A post by Frank Holbaum.