Hot stock shares: Valneva, Novax and BioNTech in check

Dear Readers,

which of the major vaccine stocks has made the best move in recent days? Those who bet on Valneva, the great hope from France, will be disappointed. In fact, BioNTech is already ahead again. The Mainz-based company also made an enormous leap upwards on Thursday. It went up by almost 1%. Otherwise, the mood in the sector is quite unfavorable.

Valneva or BioNTech – it is clear

It seems clear that the stock markets do not currently favor the stock of Valneva, for example. Valneva suffered a discount of more than 4% on Thursday. This, in turn, is a deduction that is surprising in the absence of new news. Valneva’s share price performance is scary at the moment.

With the recent discount, Valneva is now on its way towards 10 euros. Less than 10% is still missing to reach this lower limit. The share is thus on a clear path into a major downtrend. The performance of less than – 10% in one week speaks volumes. In the past four weeks, the stock has fallen by almost 30%.

The stock reached its all-time high about four weeks ago and has since fallen -63%. Just five days ago, Valneva released its latest quarterly report. The next resilient economic figures will be released to the market on August 11. The latest reports also cast doubt on the fact that Valneva is on a good track. The group is depending on its in-house Corona vaccine being approved by the EMA, the EU regulatory authority. The agency has not yet received or evaluated all the data, it was last reported.

If this happens, the EU will purchase up to 60 million doses of vaccine. To date, Valneva sells the vaccine only to Bahrain and the UK. The vaccine has been approved there in each case.

Apparently, the prospect of future sales is no longer enough for the stock exchanges. Not only the waiting data for approval by the EMA were reported, but also other vaccines – for example against Lyme disease. Here, however, mainly the clinical trials were mentioned, without already showing high revenues as a result. Accordingly, Valneva has ended up in the waiting loop.

The markets no longer reward the long waiting period. The majority of the technical signals are now also very clearly negative. The GD200 has now been undercut by more than a third. The 100-day line and even the short-term trend signals are far away. Momentum is negative in both the short and long term. Relative strength is equally negative in the short and long term. Quotations will no longer have any significant stopping points except for the aforementioned support at 10 euros.

Note: BioNTech has at least reached a stopping point after difficult weeks and months with the presentation of the figures for the first quarter. BioNTech expects total sales of 13 to 17 billion euros in the current year. This in turn suggests profits of more than 7 billion euros, provided that BioNTech’s current margins are still achieved. Consequently, the share is also much better protected on the downside in chart terms. 130 euros can now represent a massive support. Technically oriented analysts are also more optimistic again. The BioNTech stock only needs to gain between 7% and 9% to regain at least shorter-term trend marks. However, the long-term marks (GD100 and GD200) are still very far away even for BioNTech.

Nevertheless, BioNTech is now considered a short-term favorite in the sector. The Mainz-based company has achieved an economically interesting perspective at least for the current year as well as for the coming year with a P/E ratio of less than 4 and a maximum of 7, respectively. This in turn is being rewarded on the stock markets these days. It is possible that the stock will make the leap back into the upward trend faster than others.