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Heidelberger Druck: Nothing Changes!

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At the end of last week, it seemed as if the Heidelberger Druck share could recover from its nasty crash. From a low of 0.91 Euro on Wednesday to 0.96 Euros on Thursday, the 1 Euro mark was broken again on Friday. But the new trading week started with a significant discount. On Monday, shortly before the close of trading, Heidelberger Druck was back at 0.94 Euro, a minus of around six percent. Even positive news from the company’s operations did not change this.

Productivity will be doubled

“In the last 26 years, I have always purchased presses from Heidelberg for our growth,” says Su Zhao Chun, owner of Hefei Jingyi Printing Ltd. in Hefei, China, according to the press release. During this time, he invested in four Speedmaster CD 102 presses, two Speedmaster SM 102 presses and two Speedmaster XL 75 presses from Heidelberg. The same customer is now installing a new Speedmaster CD 102, doubling productivity, they say. Xianjunlong Colour Printing will receive a Speedmaster CD 102-8+L this year as well as the Speedmaster CD 102 with the number 999 from the Heidelberg plant in Shanghai.

“Very good price/performance ratio”

Exactly ten years ago, Hefei Jingyi Printing installed the first Speedmaster CD 102 delivered from the same plant, reports Heidelberger Druck. In the meantime, the totalizer has reached 350 million sheets. Su Zhao Chun decided to install the new Speedmaster CD 102 four-color press because of its positive experience and, in particular, its high stability. “The machines from Shanghai have a very good price-performance ratio for us and they produce extremely reliably”, Su Zhao Chun says enthusiastically. With an average run length of 3,000 to 5,000 sheets, both the high running speed and the short makeready times of the press pay off.


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