HeidelbergCement: Investigation of the chart image!

Last year, the HeidelbergCement share left a downward trend behind and began to rise with a support on 27 December 2018. The share is now in an upward trend. In February, a buy-signal was issued last at the SMA-lines and most likely a second buy-signal could be issued soon.

How does it look like in the 4-hour-chart?

Here, the rise of the stock and the support is more clearly visible. With the support of € 58.10, the share price continued its upward trend. The most recent support is 62.78 € and it bounced off the moving average line (100). In addition, it is foreseeable that a sell-signal could be generated soon, this could lead to a downward movement.

Unit of time: 1-hour chart at a glance!

In the 1-hour-view, one can now see from a technical point of view that we have a downward trend after an upward trend. The reason for the bearish move might be the two sell signals that were recently seen on the SMA lines. At the moment the current market value bounces off the 38-day line. The other two moving average lines (100; 200) are above the price of the HeidelbergCement share.

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A post by Johannes Weber.