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Gazprom stock: Mad! - Financial Trends

Gazprom stock: Mad!

Gazprom is still not traded on the Western stock exchanges. Nevertheless, the company is currently the talk of the town. The stock seems to be pulling the Moscow stock exchange upwards. On the Western stock exchanges, on the other hand, the situation is more muddled. The latest price in London is $0.58, which in turn may have brought significant losses to numerous investors.

Swap Gazprom ADRs

An important point for assessing what is happening on the stock exchanges is above all the still largely unresolved question of how ADRs can be exchanged for the original stocks, which in turn would have to be traded on the stock exchange in Moscow.

There are apparently law firms that want to help with this or are actually doing it for fees. Nevertheless, real demand in the market is probably low. Gazprom will not be tradable on Western exchanges for the foreseeable future. The company itself has been raking in record profits, although Western sanctions will certainly still hit Gazprom as well. However, it does not appear that there will be a negotiated settlement with, say, the company.

Recently, Russia once again halted deliveries through Nord Stream 1 and has now not resumed them. The country points out that there would be an oil leak that would prevent the delivery. In contrast, the West is already trying to prepare for a time without delivery of Russian gas, because new obstacles are always expected.

Courses in Europe are practically non-existent.