Gazprom: Pessimists Come…

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Gazprom share: Why the fear is unjustified…

Gazprom is currently more in demand than it has been for a long time. The value has recently accumulated massive profits, then paid a high dividend and this discount fell accordingly on the financial markets. The share has the same potential as before and can at least reach heights around 7 and 7.50 euros. According to analysts, 9 euros is also a conceivable price target. The fear of a crash, which other analysts see, is sometimes viewed critically.

Hurdles – what hurdles?

So analysts reported that the company would now find numerous hurdles along the way. This refers to barriers induced by chart technology. At the start of trading on Monday, the share gained 2% and rose again to more than EUR 6.50 and even EUR 6.60, respectively. This is a technically very good signal for the chart.

The dividend discount is gradually regained. The next important hurdle is 7 euros. This, too, should be cracked relatively quickly, with 7.50 and then up to 9 euros being easy to conquer. The only thing that will remain important is to defend the lower limit at 6 euros. There are still strong buying impulses of a chart technical nature.


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