Epigenomics: Is the story missing here?

After a successful first half of 2017, the Epigenomics share price continued to decline in the following period and now has fallen to a value of approximately 1.65 Euro. This means that the share price has fallen significantly in value. For comparison: In May 2017, the share price stood at around 7 euros.

News on the share: Morgan Stanley reduced its stake!

As can be seen from the last notification of voting rights, the investment bank Morgan Stanley has sold a major stake in Epigenomics. The bank previously held around 3.88% of the company, but this share has now fallen to 2.86%. At the beginning of the year there was actually still a positive corporate announcement, but this could not keep the share price up in the long term.

Chart technical outlook: What’s it like here?

In the relative strength index there was a short-term entry into the oversold area. However, the RSI has now said goodbye to this. There are no concrete buy signals in the daily chart, and the moving averages are also above the Epigenomics share price and thus represent hurdles.

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A post by Anna Hofmann.