Deutsche Telekom stock: The 100,000 mark is full!

The Deutsche Telekom share has regained its footing after its dividend markdown in the previous week, when it fell from just under 17.80 to less than 17 euros, and a further dip to 16.76 euros at the beginning of the week. After a recovery on Tuesday, the Telekom share improved again to 17.20 euros in morning trading on Wednesday. At the same time, the shares were up by around five per cent for the month. The Bonn-based company is also making positive headlines at the moment.

Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network is growing
According to its own information, Deutsche Telekom has expanded its mobile network at 1,055 locations nationwide in the past five weeks. In addition to the 350 or so 5G sites transmitting at 3.6 GHz, another 152 sites have been upgraded with 5G at 2.1 GHz, it says. Thanks to DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing), LTE can always be used at these sites.

In addition, Deutsche Telekom has created additional LTE capacity at 354 locations, according to the statement. In addition, 199 new LTE sites have been built. “This means that 100,000 mobile phone antennas are now transmitting on various frequencies in the Telekom network throughout Germany,” the company proudly announces.

Telekom “presses the pace
“We are continuing to push the pace in mobile phone expansion,” says Walter Goldenits, Managing Director of Technology at Telekom Deutschland. Currently, more than 32,000 locations are using the Telekom network. “In addition, we put more than 1,500 new locations into operation every year. Added to this are LTE and 5G expansions at thousands of existing locations,” says Goldenits. As part of the massive expansion activities, “5G will become the new standard in Telekom’s mobile network”.