Deutsche Bank: Annual Report 2018 is here!

At the end of the trading week, Deutsche Bank reported a whole series of figures. On Friday, for example, the Bank published the final and audited consolidated result, the personnel report and the “non-financial report”. What was good: For the first time since 2014, Deutsche Bank was again able to report an after-tax profit. But that should be the rule rather than the exception. But now it has been tested and is no longer provisional: in 2018, Deutsche Bank was in the black, with an after-tax profit of 341 million euros. Of these, 11 cents per share are to be distributed as a dividend.

Deutsche Bank: Dividend distribution of 11 cents per share proposed

The vote will, of course, take place at the next Annual General Meeting. Deutsche Bank’s hard core capital ratio remained above the target of 13%, as it reached 13.6%. As far as the personnel report is concerned: Deutsche Bank calls “increased investment in young employees”. So not old ones? In any case, the number of employees “converted into full-time equivalents” fell last year by 5,797 to 91,737 as at 31.12.2018. So fewer employees overall – but instead “a commitment to gender equality, diversity and participation,” says Deutsche Bank.

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A post by Peter Niedermeyer.