CureVac stock: On the way to a major breakthrough?

For weeks, the name CureVac was closely associated with a major disappointment on the stock market. The long-awaited Corona vaccine from the Tübingen-based company only achieved an efficacy rate of 48 percent in the trials and could not even begin to hold a candle to the competition in the form of BioNTech and Moderna.

This led to a veritable mass exodus of CureVac shares and a corresponding rapid fall in the share price. Those who had already completely written off the stock may be rubbing their eyes in amazement at the moment. Because the last days brought the remaining shareholders a recovery movement, which has it in itself.

The CureVac share on the way to recovery

At the beginning of August, the CureVac share was still trading at around 42 euros. In less than four weeks, the bulls were able to push this up to just under 62 euros, which is equivalent to an increase of almost 50 percent. This is all the more astonishing, as there are actually no fundamental reasons for such a steep rise.

Nevertheless, the upward trend remained unbroken in Wednesday’s trading and it went up by another 1.8 percent. Buyers are now well on their way to setting their sights on an interim high from June at 63.80 euros. From there, it could also go much higher.

Analysts are becoming more confident

A major role in the current rally is likely to be played by analysts, who have become significantly more optimistic again with regard to CureVac. Admittedly, even they cannot simply explain away the serious disappointment with the first Corona vaccine. But they are increasingly looking to the future.

mRNA vaccines still promise enormous potential, and not only in the area of Corona. Some observers therefore believe that CureVac could earn billions in sales as early as next year. Even if these are likely to remain lower than those of BioNTech, that would be enough to justify a higher valuation than the current figure of just under 14 billion US dollars.