BMW: The course is on a downward trend!

The price is currently below the bearish kumo. This led to the formation of a Death Cross, which the Tenkan formed with the Kijun. The Kijun itself is above the course, which is why we are talking about a bearish signal here. Meanwhile, the Chikou lies both under the course and under the clouds. The current value of this share is back at around 70 euros.

The view of the 4-hour chart!

The price is also below the clouds here. The cloud itself lies bearish in the 4 hour chart. The Kijun is above the course. This signal can be interpreted as bearish, as can the fact that the Chikou is below the course and also below the clouds. The Kijun and the Tenkan formed a Death Cross on 06.02.

In the hourly chart the uprising of the price came!

Now the price is in the bearish cloud. Meanwhile the Kumo is still in its infancy, but it is bullish to evaluate. The Chikou is neutral as it lies between the course and the clouds. Kijun is again above the price.

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A post by Andreas Quirin.