BMW: Is the course in danger?

The share is in a deep fall and has been falling below the Bollinger Band for days. The downtrend was recently confirmed and the new support at approx. 63 € (2016) is quoted for the current price at some distance away, but so is the resistance at 76 €. The indicators fall drastically with the price. The CCI (20) is below the extreme points and also below the SSTOC. The considerable downward corrections already at the beginning of the year could not be improved again and so the share continues to lose value.

descent pauses in the 4-hour chart!

Whether the sideways trend is only short-term or permanent remains to be seen, but the share seems to stabilize at a constant value. Small improvements could halt the course and are currently taking a different direction. The indicators managed to rise as well and only the SMA lines are a little worrying because a sell signal could threaten.

Stable values on the hourly chart!

The descent seems to be stopped as the stock is currently in a sideways trend. The share price can recover back to stable values. However, it has to be said in conclusion that we have to wait for the process to continue.

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A post by Maximilian Weber.