BioNTech share: light and shadow!

At the recent Annual General Meeting, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin had all kinds of good news to report. Once again, for example, he confirmed that the company’s own Corona vaccine is effective against all known mutants and that no further adjustments are currently necessary. He also promised to increase production to more than three billion doses annually in the future.

On the other hand, there was no news on the subject of booster vaccination. Ugur Sahin continues to believe that booster vaccination makes sense, but so far there are no study data to prove the need for it. It therefore remains to be seen how the population and politicians will deal with the issue.

Investors are put off

The fact that the BioNTech share price fell by around 2.7 percent on Wednesday, on the other hand, is primarily due to another decision by the group. In the current year, the bubbling profits are to be used to finance further research. A dividend, on the other hand, is not yet planned.

However, such a profit share for shareholders is promised for next year. Many investors expect significantly lower profits in 2022 and are therefore disappointed that there will be no dividend until next year at the earliest. What’s more, this is by no means guaranteed, but will first be reviewed in the course of the coming fiscal year.

The BioNTech Share Remains at a High Level

The share price losses in yesterday’s trading are a clear testament to the disappointment among shareholders. However, at just over 190 euros, the BioNTech share continues to hold at a high level and also keeps the all-time high at 207.90 euros firmly in sight. So we are still a long way from a crash.

The upward trend remains active in and of itself. In the last six months, it has brought BioNTech shares gains of more than 150 percent. The stock will probably not take off quite as steeply in the next six months, but in principle, further price increases are anything but impossible.